All our installations are tested to ensure compliance with these standards and manufacturers warranties covering up to 25 years product and performance of the installation can be provided.

Copper Cable Solutions

  As structured cabling systems become increasingly complex and core to the performance of your network it is essential that the correct decision is made when selecting the most effective solution in terms of performance, reliability and long term benefit to your business. Extensive experience of designing, installing and maintaining copper cabling systems enable us to work with you to provide the best solution for your business. We install the following copper cabling solutions from the best manufacturers:
Category 5e Class D UTP/FTP/STP 155MHz
Category 6 Class E UTP/FTP/STP 250MHz
10Gig Class EA UTP/FTP/STP 600MHz
Category 3/Voice  n/a UTP/CW1308  n/a
Cabling systems are designed by our BICSI RCCD engineers. Installation is completed by our qualified teams of engineers and technicians to industry standards.