At GPH Datacoms we feel that it is important to provide a complete service for our clients. Often our clients want to deal with a single point of contact for a project.
Today’s network managers have many options when deciding what cabling systems and equipment to install for their network. Decisions must be based on sound technical and financial information as well as a forecast of the expected future requirements of the organisation. GPH Datacoms have a wide range of experience across a variety of different types and size of business. Using our design and consultancy expertise, we can help you decide which solution is the most appropriate to meet your needs for both now and in the future, as well as provide a comprehensive installation service.
LAN HARDWARE INSTALLATION As an independent vendor or ICT hardware we source equipment from manufacturers, who we believe will provide the best solution for our clients. Whether the solution requires just a simple router configuration for a broadband connection or the provision of complex network solutions, you can be assured that we will meet you requirements of budget and performance. TELEPHONE SYSTEMS From small PBX to enterprise voice switching systems, GPH Datacoms has the experience to advise, select, install and commission telephone systems for our clients. As we are not linked to any single manufacturer, we can select the system that is most applicable for you, the customer. RESIDENTIAL TV AERIAL & AV SYSTEMS TV aerial systems have now become an integral part of university student accommodation and residential new build projects. Working with our CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) registered partners, GPH Datacoms Ltd provide a wealth of experience in the design and installation of integrated TV and AV systems for our clients. The introduction of multi-channel digital services from Sky, Freeview, Freesat, and many European satellite channels, has provided a choice never before available. With so many options and packages available it can be difficult to make the right choice. To help you make the right choice the GPH Datacoms Ltd design team, can provide you with a bespoke solution, offer the best independent advice, and quality installation using the best equipment available to meet your requirements. Whether it is a single Digital TV configuration in your home, or a Communal System for a residential block of apartments, we have the knowledge and capability to create state-of-the-art infrastructures to enhance the latest home entertainment packages on the market, as well as interfacing video door entry, CCTV security systems and other IP technology protocols.  
CABLING AUDITS Issues with network performance, whether these are hardware or cabling problems, affect the effectiveness and efficiency of your business and increase financial risk. These issues can go unnoticed until a catastrophic network failure occurs leading to costly network downtime and lost business. GPH Datacoms understands where problems occur and how these problems can be rectified. Periodic testing of the network cabling installation in your business can reveal problems that if left un-checked could be costly to your business. Untidy communications room cabinets, faulty wiring, dirty fibre optic terminations, incorrectly used patch leads can be replaced, labelled, re-dressed, cleaned and tested to ensure that your cabling system is running as efficiently as possible. All faults are highlighted and repaired or updated following consultation with the client. Work can be undertaken outside normal working hours to minimise disruption to your business. MOVES ADDS AND CHANGES (MACs) Your network is a dynamic environment and changes constantly as your business changes. GPH Datacoms can provide a best in class service to meet your changing needs as a business. Although a common term in our industry Moves, adds and changes is confusing terminology. The processes can be explained as follows: Moves Physically changing a cable link, patch or equipment location Add Installation of a new cabling link or piece of equipment Change Cabling or equipment replacement or upgrade. GPH Datacoms works closely with their clients to schedule work on customers networks to minimise disruption and ensure that the client network is fully operational during normal working hours. OTHER SERVICES At GPH Datacoms we feel that it is important to provide a complete service for our clients. Often our clients want to deal with a single point of contact for a project, which often includes providing the following services: Containment, including trunking systems and floor boxes Electrical work Door entry and access control systems CCTV All work is completed by fully trained specialists, under GPH supervision. To find out more information about these services call or email GPH Datacoms.